About the Journal

Amburayan Research Journal (ARJ)
ISSN: 2984-8601 (Online)
Publication Frequency: Semi-Anually.  

The Amburayan Research Journal (ISSN: 2984-8601) is a double-blind peer reviewed journal, open access journal which publishes original articles published semi-annually by, Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College- Tagudin Campus, College of Teacher Education. The Journal will only publish articles from undergraduate. The journal publishes papers based on original research that are assessed to make a significant addition to the field via critical reviews.

The journal accepts original research article in English either from the quantitative, qualitative, experimental, mixed method, review paper, or action research. It strives to publish high-quality research results quickly while maintaining a rigorous review procedure The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts of all students that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. Papers are published approximately one month after acceptance.